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4-Wheeling From the Heart

by Bill Burke February is known as the Heart month, not only because of Valentine’s Day, but it’s National Heart Healthy Month! I thought I’d step back from the technical basis of my articles and take a look at what makes my “heart” sing, stop, skip a beat, beat faster and just plain feel good. […]

Bill Burke’s Moab Jeepo Safari 2005 Letter to Errant 4-Wheelers

1 April 2005 After visiting EJS 2005 – my thoughts!! – By Bill Burke I am displeased, disgusted, angry and afraid!! Why? I just returned from the Moab area after two weeks ‘wheeling around and spending time with new and old friends and my family. I spent some time on the hard as well as […]

Easter Jeep Safari III

Easter Jeep Safari: How to do Moab During Spring Break By Bill Burke Part III Getting on the Trail… In Part 2, I gave you some ideas about the vehicular and physical needs for attending the Moab Easter Jeep Safari. This is not only for the EJS, but any trail run you attend–no matter where! […]

Easter Jeep Safari II

Easter Jeep Safari: How to do Moab During Spring Break by Bill Burke Part II Getting on the Trail… In my last article, I discussed how to get to the Easter Jeep Safari. Running the Moab trail routes can be done on one’s own, but knowing which turn, section and sequence to use that make […]

Easter Jeep Safari I

Easter Jeep Safari: How to do Moab During Spring Break by Bill Burke Part I: How to Get There… It’s likened to Sturgis or Daytona or, for that matter, Fort Lauderdale. It’s a 4-wheelers’ dream. Like a kid in a candy store, I wandered the streets and the vendor midway at the Spanish Trail Arena […]

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips for On- and Off-Highway by Bill Burke On-Highway Winter Driving My home state of Colorado was hit with a massive snow storm that literally shut down the roads from the borders in (November 1997)! DIA couldn’t get any planes off the ground and people couldn’t get out of their driveways to catch […]

Easy Tire Chains & Helpful Hints

Get a GRIP in the Snow: Easy Tire Chains & Some Helpful Hints! by Bill Burke Snow 4-wheeling is great, chilling fun, and coldly challenging. In the wintry Colorado back country (and many other parts of the world) where the first snow usually falls in October, then stays til late June, early July, where sometimes high […]

Aftermarket Accessories, Part III

Aftermarket Accessories, Part III: Tired of Your Tires? Or, One Thing Leads to Another! by Bill Burke In the last two articles about accessories, I talked about having the proper recovery equipment and winches. There are several different ways to go from here–tires, suspensions, lockers, body lifts, body protection and interior refinements et al. Things […]

Aftermarket Accessories, Part II

Aftermarket Accessories, Part II: Always Be Prepared to Get Unstuck, The Winch by Bill Burke I wrote in Part I about some basic items needed to make getting unstuck an easier task. Being prepared and having a plan does make that effort simpler. This time I will discuss the electric winch. Originally the PTO (power-take-off) winch was the […]

Aftermarket Accessories

Aftermarket Accessories, Part I: Always be Prepared to Get Unstuck  by Bill Burke I will discuss aftermarket accessories that I feel are important for safe and responsible 4-wheeling. Safe, because they will help you and your 4-wheel drive be better prepared for trail difficulty and terrain variety. Responsible, because they allow you to take responsibility […]