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An Off-Road Club for All-Rachel Bowes

An Off-Road Club for All Many people ‘wheel to get away, to leave civilization behind so they can hear their own thoughts without traffic noise and a constantly ringing cell phone. But getting away and being alone are two very different things: one is a great experience of relaxation and freedom, the other is just […]

“Simply Put” 4×4 Transfer Case

By Dan Rich, Contributing Editor COPYRIGHT © 2004 Introduction: This article will describe how a transfer case works and explain it’s basic operation. There are various kinds of transfer cases from different manufacturers, and there are exceptions to nearly every statement, but the basics described herein are common to most true 4-wheel drive transfer cases. […]

“Simply Put” 4-Stroke Gasoline Engines

by Dan Rich, Contributing Editor COPYRIGHT © 2004 Modern Gasoline Engines Let’s talk about your engine. Not specifically your engine, but generally all modern gasoline engines. The concepts presented here apply to virtually all engines in any modern SUV or truck. The purpose of the engine is to provide power to move your car down […]

4-Wheeling Zen

by Chris Nelson COPYRIGHT © 2007 In the pursuit of a favorable path through a trail, one must first examine one’s own intent to be on a trail. What is the motivating force for being there? Perhaps it is to have the camaraderie of friends, or maybe to get away from the hustle and bustle […]

Wheel Bearing Maintenance and Packing for Land Rovers

Wheel Bearing Maintenance and Packing for Land Rovers by Randy Black Recently I was rolling my Defender out of the garage without the engine running and noticed a noise that didn’t sound so good. It was coming from the front driver side wheel area, sort of a growling, grinding, dry bearing kind of noise. Since […]

Can “Multiple-Users” Rule the World?

Can “Multiple-Users” Rule the World? by Del Albright I’m so tired of the vocal minority (with money) influencing my public lands that I could puke! I say it’s time for multiple-use to rule the world! (g). By that I mean, it’s time that we take back control of how land use decisions are made in […]