“Don’t Concentrate on Making a Lot of Money, Rather on Becoming the Type of Person with Whom People Want to do Business.”

Bill Burke is an internationally recognized trainer and recovery expert who teaches back country driving techniques, winching and extrication methods, vehicle preparation and maintenance, land navigation and woods skills through classes, private training, instructor and trail leader courses to individuals, families, groups, clubs, vehicle manufacturers and dealers, tour operators, government agencies, and all organizations that use 4WD vehicles in their operations.

4-Wheel Drive Education starts with an understanding of how a 4-wheel drive (4WD) works, giving you insight into why your 4WD performs as it does. Bill, through his experience as an ASE Master Truck Technician and the use of training aids, will teach you how to get the most out of your 4WD. Each obstacle, stuck vehicle, and piece of 4WD equipment becomes a discussion, a demonstration, and an opportunity for learning. Safety is fundamental.

Bill’s sense of humor and history, geographical expertise, and environmental insight combine to give a greater sense of civilization as we know it relative to the prospectors, explorers, natives and dinosaurs who were on the trail before us! His comprehension of group dynamics and personalities means that even in large groups, each person feels like a vital part of the training rather than merely a participant. From first-time 4-wheelers to highly experienced drivers, each student will expand their skill level exponentially under Bill’s watchful eye.

Upcoming Events:

Adventure Vans in the Rockies – June 29 – July 3: This trip will cover an assortment of roads and scenery in the Colorado High Country. We will travel from Grand Junction through Glenwood Springs and cover terrain on the Grand Mesa. Taking waitlist.

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Upcoming Classes:

Advanced 4WD Skills’ Course in Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in PA – Aug 24-28: This is 4-1/2 days of technical theory, technical hands-on and practical skill set building presented by Bill Burke and Chris Cole, Master Trainers for the I4WDTA.

On the Road…Moab – September 25-26: Tips and tricks for negotiating the terrain will be blended with discussions, challenges and obstacles to teach owners about their vehicle’s capabilities. Part 2 – Hands-on Winching & Recovery Class – Sept. 27: Bill will run you through winch selection, several different winch riggings, as well as use of recovery straps, Hi-Lift Jack and other field-expedient devices.


“If you are looking for a trail guide and 4WD instructor, you can do no better than 4-Wheeling America.” John Lee, Expedition Exchange