“Met up with Bill Burke of 4-Wheeling America for a stellar day of wheeling and testing in the mud. Bill–man, how to describe the guy? Uber-cool, a wealth of knowledge, simply fun to wheel with–the guy is a guru! Awesome.”
– Dave Zartman
4WDTO Magazine, 10/07/09
“Every once in a while in life you come across someone who is just plain gifted in their vocation. You are truly one of those people. I’ve never been so engaged in the learning process as I was at On the Road… in Maine.”

– Peter VollersVT, 09/02

“I know…folks that have done a trail class with Bill Burke and each of them said they would have paid 10x the amount they paid for the knowledge they were given.”

– Cypher

“Even the most experienced off-roaders will gain valuable knowledge and skills.”

– Jayson Stangel

“No matter what your level of off-road driving, time spent with Bill will help you reach even higher.”

– Brad DeLong, Author
4-Wheel Freedom

“For less cash than the cost of recovering a vehicle from a back country crisis, drivers can experience the pleasures and pains of primitive roads under the watchful eye of a well-equipped guide and instructor, learning the abilities as well as the limits of their vehicle.”

– Charley Able
Rocky Mountain News, 1996

I4WDTA Certified Master Trainer

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