Group Classes

*Rent our well set-up blue Range Rover to use for any of our classes or trips in Western CO or SE UT for which you are signed up. $150 per day rental fee. Seats 3 w/ARB fridge, 4 w/o fridge. Not for general public rental.

Bill Burke’s Training Courses – Call 970-858-3468 to register.
50% deposit with Visa or Mastercard will reserve your space.
Prices include 1 or 2 adults in vehicle.

**We require a minimum of 4 vehicles to go forward with courses. Each course will include handouts, technical discussions, hands-on skill building with several scenario teaching moments and plenty of seat time on the trail. Come prepared to have fun and learn a lot more than you ever thought possible!**

On the Road…

Courses are comprehensive learning environments, with hands-on demonstrations and opportunities taking place on the trails. Tips and tricks for negotiating the terrain will be blended with discussions, challenges and obstacles to teach owners about their vehicle’s capabilities.

You will learn:
● How to be more prepared (vehicle/personal) when going into the backcountry
● How to negotiate rough terrain
● How to do a quick field fix when something on your truck breaks
● How to pick a proper line and how to spot another driver
● Basic and advanced recovery techniques
● Suggestions for modifying your truck and much, much more.

Instruction by Bill Burke will get you there and back safely, answer your 4-wheeling questions, show you the correct way to drive and recover using environmentally-friendly procedures, and give you historical anecdotes of the area.


“Bill, Thank you so much for teaching me to drive (off-road). You have opened the whole world to me. I now have the ability, skills and confidence to know what I can and cannot do off-highway. This has made possible trips all over the world that I never could have taken without your training. Words alone cannot express my gratitude. You have given me and many others as well the greatest gift of all – knowledge and skill. Thank you again.” Jerry Bidinger, Scottsdale, AZ 1/15/11

“Your class was the best thing ever. Your teaching style, personality, stories, life experiences… I learned so much. Gained confidence. Everything I wanted and more. Thank you so much. The ambiance of the trip was more like a group of friends getting together and not a group of people paying money to be together…all I can say is WOW.” S. Rice, 3/10

“The classes and adventure trip with Bill have afforded me the chance to work with a master in his field. Bill, your knowledge and experience… may only be exceeded by your ability to relate to people.” J. Warner, ’09

“Not only did I learn a lot about the mechanics of my truck and the importance of being prepared, but we tackled some terrain that I wouldn’t have thought possible on my own.” L. Piechotta, NC, ’07

“It was great to hear some advice and instruction from an expert.” C. Ludwig, AZ, ’08

“…immense gratitude goes to Bill Burke for his knowledge, understanding, and awesome teaching style.” K. Masri, AZ, ’08

“As always, your professionalism and depth of knowledge exceeded expectations.” M. Routh, Adv. Recovery Class, ’07

I4WDTA Certified Master Trainer

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