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“I had a terrific time… You took several years off my driving learning curve and undoubtedly saved me thousands of dollars in repairs and recovery. I am no expert by any means after one day, but your well-targeted guidance was immediately effective as we tackled the Alpine Loop and roads leading to the 14er trailheads later in our trip. Your knowledge is obviously vast, but your skill in handling the customer (me) is unequalled.”

– K. Spruiell
OK, 2011

Drive with Bill Burke by your side in his specially equipped Land Rover or in your own vehicle. Travel on a variety of trails, from rocky to muddy to sandy, through hill and dale, and enjoy spectacular high mountain and desert scenery while Bill shares his lifetime of back country adventure skills and 4-wheeling expertise. Click here to read more about Bill Burke.

In this comprehensive training, one-on-one with Bill, you will learn *how to get there and back *how to negotiate the various types of terrain *all recovery techniques *suggested on-vehicle equipment *maintenance techniques *and what you need to know about safe off-highway driving.

Even if you don’t plan on using your vehicle for “hard core” 4-wheeling, this training will prove invaluable in your everyday travels. Whether you are a novice or an experienced driver, you will benefit greatly from Bill’s one-on-one private training. Available year-round.

Includes about 40 pages of handouts and both of Bill’s professional DVDs ($60.00 value).

1 or 2 adults in same vehicle (yours or ours) ranges from $1025./day – $1500./day.
50% deposit due to reserve private training. Balance due prior to training.
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…The learning started before the first turn of a key and continued right up until our goodbyes. Simply put, Bill is an outstanding instructor…he sets the standard by which all others must be judged! An unexpected but much appreciated benefit of our time together was Bill’s encyclopedic knowledge of the environment around us.”

– N.Vanoff
VA, 2006

“Prior to this session, I had taken other training back east. Others do not compare to Bill’s experience, level of preparation and, most importantly, his ability to inspire confidence and transfer his knowledge. Bill’s level of preparation goes to all aspects of off-roading. Driving technique is only one of the many areas an individual needs to not only enjoy the adventure, but to get back safely and in one piece. Many times the expectation is greater than the actual event. With Bill it is just the opposite. If you should decide to take time with Bill you will not be disappointed.”

– R.J. Stapell
NY, 2000

I4WDTA Certified Master Trainer

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