Getting UNStuck DVD and Getting PREpared DVDs

“Do you know how large a winch your vehicle needs? How many wraps of cable to leave on the drum? How to anchor to a tree or a rock? Do you know whether it’s better to winch with more cable or with less? From inside the vehicle or from outside? Do you know when and how to use a Hi-Lift jack? When and when not to move a vehicle with a shock-absorbing strap? Because if you don’t know, you can die of terminal ignorance.”

Bob Mottram

News Tribune, WA

“The production quality, information, videography, and rewatchability of your Getting Unstuck and Getting PREpared DVDs are unmatched. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them on dark, cold winter nights here in Montana, and I still pick up bits of information that I missed previously.”

B. Erickson


Getting UNStuck

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A 2-hour multi-dimensional DVD that covers all elements of a safe smooth vehicle extraction. From stuck assessment to proper use of the Hi-Lift Jack, recovery strap and winches, Getting UNStuck teaches you what you need to know for self-recovery. Bill Burke takes the mystery out of Getting UNStuck with classroom quality demonstrations. Exclusive content unavailable anywhere else. More than 2 hours of critically important, essential instruction, not just footage of 4-wheeling. A must-have for all users of 4-wheel drive vehicles – 12 demonstrations on how to get unstuck in desert, beach and mountains; 15 technical demonstrations; 15 useful tools for off-highway use.

Getting PREpared

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When venturing into the back country for camping, wildlife or wildflower watching, fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, or to enjoy a 4-wheel drive trail, there are many choices to make, and much planning to be done to insure you are prepared for a comfortable, fun adventure.

  • Suggestions on vehicle and appropriate personal gear selection
  • How to best pack and secure your gear
  • Choosing a Million Dollar campsite
  • Cooking AND a simple, delicious recipe!
  • Planning the trip and more…


Bill Burke discusses all of these decisions during this 80 minute DVD with further information on land navigation, tires, suspensions, and mechanical basics. Included with each DVD is an 8-page booklet with detailed checklists that can be used and re-used to ensure that viewers’ adventures are well thought out and executed with a maximum fun quotient. Also included is 20 minutes of bonus footage with outtakes.

What should I take on my trip? Suspension choices; picking the right tent; which tools to take / packing for your dog and more.

“I think it turned out great!! It is fun yet educational at the same time.” (Jeff Fox, Tuffy Security Products, 12/04)

DISCLAIMER for Getting PREpared DVD: 4-Wheeling America is not responsible for misuse of any products or equipment presented in this DVD. For more information on the equipment presented in this material, contact specific manufacturers directly and consult each product’s owner’s manual.

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